Los Angeles-based food truck Okamoto Kitchen has launched a Kickstarter for the production of an original animated series that will bring anime together with delicious Japanese comfort food and the world of food trucks!

Based on the real-life experiences of Okamoto Kitchen co-founders Gerald and Chizuru Abram, the anime follows Umesaki Haru, a girl who moves from Japan to Los Angeles and is caught up in the world of food trucks. Joining Chizuru, Mickey and Honey as a member of the Okamoto Kitchen staff, Haru will meet a host of unique rivals and customers as she and the team do their best to succeed in the Los Angeles food truck scene. Those keen to get a taste of the story can meet Haru below as she describes how she came to work at Okamoto Kitchen.

Okamoto Kitchen will feature the work of animation supervisor Saitou Takuya ( Sailor Moon, One Piece ), as well as voice acting veteran Cristina Vee ( Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter ).

The Kickstarter project initial goal is set at $48,000 in order to fund staff for a 10-part “comic dub” series planned to run for 3-5 minutes each. Its stretch goals of $98,000 and $150,000 will increase the amount and length of episodes, while reaching $340,000 will mean the production of a fully animated 22-minute pilot.

For more information, check out the official Kickstarter project.

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