Upcoming OVA Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~Sing for You~ has released its main trailer!

Along with the trailer, it was also announced that Mizuki Nana will play the role of Chino’s mother.

The OVA begins with Chino getting a solo part in a concert, but as she isn’t used to singing in front of people, she asks Rize to help her practice. Naturally, the solution is a karaoke party with everyone – but they end up having too much fun rather than helping Chino learn.

Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~Sing for You~ is set to be released on Sept. 26 along with the single “Singer Song Payapoya Melody”, performed by the show’s cast under the band name Petit Rabbit’s with beans.

(C)Koi, Houbunsha Co., Ltd / Is the Order a Production Committee??

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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