Netflix is supposedly bringing anime fans a brand English Dub of Neon Genesis soon. This recut of the acclaimed ’90s series will use a brand new English cast and audio track. The new version of Evangelion will be hitting Netflix in June, and there’s a ton of hype for it already building within the anime community.

However, along with the excitement, some fans are actually nervous about how this new version of Neon Genesis Evangelion will play – and they’re taking to social media to voice those concerns! Scroll below to get the immediate concerns fans have about Netflix changing on one of the most acclaimed animes ever!

Slide 1 of 7So Long O.G.’s…

Fans are already lamenting this confirmation from the O.G. Evangelion voice cast that they won’t be returning. So long, an thanks for al the awesome memories! 

Slide 2 of 7Political Humor

Keep this guy FAR away from our beloved Evangelion!

Slide 3 of 7No Choices

In world where everything is customizable, Netflix is giving fans very little choice. 

Slide 4 of 7Gonna Cost Ya

Yeah… not including that OG dub might wind up backfiring on Netflix. Anime die-hards aren’t feeling this! 

Slide 5 of 7What’s Good for the Goose…

Seriously, it’s not like other Netflix animes are forced to give up their original dubs – so why is Evangelion being treated differently? 

Slide 6 of 7Open to Change

Fans sure don’t like this – but some of the more level-headed ones are open to being impressed all over again. 

Slide 7 of 7Not Over Yet

Netflix better prepare: anime fans aren’t going to take this blasphemy lying down. Bring on the petitions! 

You can catch Neon Genesis Evangelion streaming on Netflix starting June 21st. 

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