The Walking Dead has been on the air for almost a full decade now. During that time, the show has amassed millions of fans across the world. But also, as the story has progressed over the past nine seasons, the cast of characters has grown and grown.

Survivors have come and gone from Rick’s community of allies (even Rick himself has left at this point) and a lot of characters have been killed. As a result, the show has more characters – and thus more memorable ones – than the average TV show. So, here are the best Walking Dead Funko Pops, Ranked.

10 Abraham

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A lot of fans speculated that the P.O.V. shot of Negan’s first victim in the season 6 finale – which left the fate of the show’s characters, particularly the one who got killed, hanging in the balance – belonged to Abraham. This was based on the fact that whoever it was looked up after being bashed on the head with Negan’s barb wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille, and fans deemed Abraham the only one strong enough to do that.

The season 7 premiere revealed that it actually was Abraham – and even then, after looking back up, he had a classic Abraham quip for Negan between the two fatal head-bashes.

9 Jesus

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It was a great shame in the ninth season’s midseason finale when Jesus was killed off, but he was killed off in the most incredible way possible.

He was in a foggy graveyard – a classic horror setting – with some of the other survivors, and as he went to take down a walker, the walker ducked out of the way of his weapon and took him down instead. It wasn’t a walker – it was the first sign of the terrifying Whisperers. The character will always be remembered, despite never having a real story arc – especially if you have this Funko Pop to remind you of him.

8 Dwight

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When Dwight was first introduced, the fans weren’t too thrilled with him. He stole Daryl’s crossbow and his motorcycle, two of the main hallmarks of the character, and it was all a result of Daryl taking pity on him and trying to help him. However, as the plot thickened and Dwight’s character developed, we realized that he wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

He was simply under Negan’s thumb, bound to follow his every command. Half of his face is burned because Negan pressed an iron into it to teach him a lesson. Eventually, he turned his back on Negan to work with the Alexandrians.

7 Ezekiel

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Fans of The Walking Dead comics were eager to see the arrival of King Ezekiel. There was some debate about how his pet tiger, Shiva, would be portrayed – would AMC get a real tiger or just create one with CGI?

In the end, Shiva was realized beautifully with CGI effects that not only created a tiger; it created a tiger we could care about. And Ezekiel himself was carried to the screen brilliantly by Khary Payton, who captured the spiritual and ethereal presence of the character from the comics excellently. Since his introduction, he’s become one of the fans’ favorite characters.

6 Morgan

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Morgan was only supposed to appear in the pilot episode, but he made such an impact that he was brought back for a reappearance in a season 3 episode. And he made such an impact during his return that he was even brought on as a supporting character for a couple of seasons.

When he departed The Walking Dead, he stayed within the TWD franchise and just transferred over to the spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead. He was a master of the stick – a wooden stick – a unique weapon that only he would be able to kill a zombie with.

5 Sasha

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Sasha’s days were pretty much numbered when Sonequa Martin-Green was cast as the lead in Star Trek: Discovery, but she still went out in a shocking, unexpected, and incredible way.

As she was being transported to Alexandria in a coffin by her captor Negan, Sasha decided to take her own life in order to turn into a walker and then lunge at Negan when he went to let her out of the coffin. While she didn’t manage to get Negan, she did create that iconic moment – and gave Rick and the group a second to duck for cover and prepare for war with the Saviors. So, she went out with style.

4 Negan

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In the years since his debut, Negan has become one of the greatest villains in comic book history. He’s a classic character the audience loves to hate. And thanks to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s spot-on performance as Negan on the show, he’s well on the way to becoming one of the greatest villains in TV history, too.

The classic Negan look is recreated perfectly in this Funko Pop: he’s got his ice-cool demeanor (it’s all in the eyes – Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a master), his slicked-back black hair, his plain white t-shirt, the black leather jacket on top of it, his baseball bat Lucille, and even some blood spatters.

3 Daryl

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Daryl Dixon might not have been in the comics – in fact, after the producers liked Norman Reedus, but found him to be too sympathetic in his audition to play Merle, Daryl was created specifically so he could still be on the show – but it didn’t take him long to become every fan’s favorite character.

By the second or third season, the “If Daryl dies, we riot!” campaign was in full swing. Here, we see the beloved character in his biker outfit, armed with his iconic crossbow. Any Walking Dead fan needs Daryl among their collection of the show’s Funko Pops.

2 Michonne

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Michonne was a mysterious addition to The Walking Dead when she first appeared in the season 2 finale episode. Andrea was stranded in the woods after Hershel’s farm was overrun with the undead and she was saved by a mysterious figure with walker slaves attached to her.

Danai Gurira has played her journey perfectly, going from the introverted badass we first met to the confident, friendly, beloved zombie slayer we see today. In this Funko Pop figure, we see Michonne with her classic headband, hooded cloak, and katana. The fact that the katana is dripping blood is also a nice touch.

1 Rick

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Rick may have left the flagship series, but he hasn’t departed The Walking Dead franchise forever. In fact, Andrew Lincoln is starring in a trilogy of movies about Rick Grimes for AMC. His look changed a lot over the years as facial hair came and went and his job changed.

In the beginning, he still saw himself as a sheriff, so this is what he wore. As his luck worsened, he found himself wearing whatever grubby clothes he could get his hands on. But when Alexandria took him in, he was appointed a police officer and given a new blue uniform. This Funko Pop reminds us of the original season 1 Rick Grimes look.

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